Friday, May 21, 2010

Answering the Call

I have been focusing much time and energy this month honoring women through my Goddess Guidance sessions.  I have met many Great Mothers, High Goddesses and Wise Women and learned much through the journeys of the clients who have requested this work.  

While I continue sharing and giving for others, subtle orchestrations by spirit (call them coincidences if you will) have been urging me to finally heed my own Goddess Guidance.  This piece I have quietly carried for nearly a decade. I am called to listen to the Voices that whisper my highest self.  

Mary Magdalene came to me in 2005 asking that I write a book.  At that time, as a non-Christian and dedicated tree hugger, I didn't understand why this was being asked of me.  

She showed me in meditation the jar she held-- the alabaster jar of legend-- was actually a potent herbal blend containing a medicine that would make whoever ingested it appear to be dead.  Thus she shared the way Jesus "died" on the cross.  She showed me in detail how he was taken down and put into the tomb.  She continued to show me a peaceful pastoral life she and Jesus shared deep into their old age.  

A week later, I did an Akashic Reading for a woman who asked about Marguerite Porete - a French mystic who died in 1310. Though I had no knowledge of who this woman was, from the perspective of the Akasha, all truth is revealed. 

I was shown that Mary Magdalene re-incarnated as Poerte trying to "correct" the ways of the Church. The Church rather than exalting God had actually taught us to fear Him. This was not the way Jesus intended and she came through again as a dedicated voice of truth in the 14th century. Poerte wrote the Mirror for Simple Souls which reminded people of the simplicity of true Divine Love, enabling anyone who wanted to easily and accessibly connect with God. For speaking her truth, she was burned at the stake.

These two revelations so close in time were profound and unexpected. Mary Magdalene asked that I dedicate more time to her and allow a book to be channeled. At that stage in my life, this level of intimate knowledge was too much for me. I stepped away thanking her for her confidences but denying that I was the one for this job.

She guided me to a find a picture that she felt most accurately captured her true essence.  The name Dante Gabriele Rossetti kept running through my head as she prompted me on my journey to find the image.  An online search lead me to a Rossetti contemporary Anthony Frederick Augustus Sandys who painted this piece of Mary Magdalene in 1860.  

I framed this image which I still keep in my sacred space at home.  

Dan Brown wrote the DaVinci Code which brought the Magdalene question to modern consciousness.  She asked that I not read the book (nor later watch the movie) so my information from her would be pure and unaffected by the media depiction.  --to this day I have honored her request-- 

I have respectfully put our conversation on hold and have not yet resumed pen to paper.  Now 8 years later as I dedicate myself to the work of the Great Mothers, She, my patroness, appears again.  

Over the past week, two events have brought her to the fore-front to my world:

- I worked with a client who has a 9 year old son. From our session in the Akashic records, I could see he was a twin though no twins were actually birthed.  His "twin" acts as a spirit guide and calls herself Sarah.  Sarah is very active within the family unit and is treated as a sibling (way to go Mom & Dad for honoring your child's Spirit Guides in such a profound way!)  "Sarafina," rather than the more familiar Sarah, was how she showed herself to me as the daughter of Jesus and Mary Magdalene.   She is indeed very present for this boy and acts as both a sister and an angel.  

- the documentary Bloodline showed up in my Netflix cue.  It documents the 2007 unearthing of Mary Magdalene's likely tomb buried in the hills of pastoral France.   I started it one night too exhausted to physically keep my eyes open.  Since that night, I have been unable to step away from this Great Mother, Mary Magdalene.

Tonight I finished the documentary and have felt the full passion of an inflamed heart beating within me.  I know it to be Her presence and know now is the time I have been asked to return to Her.  

I have long known I was here to act as a voice of the Divine and of the Feminine.  I have tiptoed around this combined calling for years afraid to fully embrace my own power.  Power is a tricky thing and one I have held at a distance.  I was shown last week the true Power of the Feminine Divine and reminded how its energy will be the vital force to re-balance our world.  

My work with the Great Mothers has been my greatest gift and honor.  I finally think I am ready to receive what more She has been waiting to tell me.  I will share in future posts what unfolds next. I too will be curious to see where our work takes us.   

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