Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Divine or Delusion

A friend asked the other day how to tell the differnce between genuine psychic gifts versus delusions of grandeur.  Not knowing the answer, I asked Spirit for the answer:  What we all need to remember is we are all psychically gifted! Where problems arise is when EGO becomes too present.

We are all channels of the Divine, however if one presents himself as being the voice of God or the only person who can talk to ArchAngel Michael, ego has disrupted the frequency.   Many of the kids who we work with also come to us fraught with concerns there is something wrong with them or that a visit to the doctor should precede the visit to the local metaphysical center.  Not so!  Spirit chooses to speak to us in any number of ways and who are we to edit or negate the message.

When we can step into the quiet of our hearts, what does it say?  Insight from the Angels is rarely a "whomp" over the head, rather its the gentle whisperings that are the real form of intuition.  A psychic has simply practiced listening to and following the voices than most people.  I am no more gifted than you!  What I have done is spend time focusing on these whisperings so I can clearly identify the divine insights from my own mental meanderings.

200 years ago I would have certainly been locked up for such confessions.  Thankfully we now live in a world that increasingly embraces and turns to genuine psychics.  I feel so very blessed everyday to own my truth.

Thank you for honoring yourself everyday and allow Spirit tell you how you too can turn up the volume on your own psychic gifts.  Its never about a lack of intuition rather its like a great rock anthem that you need to crank up loud to really appreciate.  So turn it up, rock it out and feel the Divine beating within your heart each day!

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