Monday, April 5, 2010

Better than a "BandAid"

A girlfriend who is a healer trained in natural wellness is trying CieAura for the first time.  She asked if CieAura helped get to the root of healing or whether it acted as a "bandaid" allowing you to miss the true cause of the dis-ease.  I was inspired by this question and asked Metatron for guidance in answering her fully.

Natural healing for deep and lasting wellness comes from bringing our attention to the reason for the dis-ease.  Physical aches and pains-- especially those which have been with us a long time-- are our cues to look within to ascertain the root cause.  Our society has become accustomed to receive "healing" in a pill.  The pill enters our body, must be broken down by our stomach and liver, then somehow makes its way through the entire body to alleviate the pain localized in a specific area.  In my opinion, this is taking the long route ... when there's a quicker path from point A to point B.

CieAura instead calls our close attention to the physical location of the pain.  We must quiet ourselves to carefully notice where the discomfort is and place a Holographic Chip there.  CieAura actually allows for deeper healing, because requires we don't simply stick and ignore.  Using CieAura we monitor the pain to ensure we have put the chip in the right place.  If we are not relieved within 15-20 minutes, the chip(s) should be adjusted to find the precise location for relief.  The keys to success with CieAura are:  Location, Hydration, and Duration.

By making us more aware of the intensity of pain or discomfort, we have to bring closer attention to ourselves than we would with any other healing modality.  When we go to a doctor, or take a pill to "magically" fix our aches, or even when we visit a massage therapist, we are immediately and decisively removing all of our own power for self-healing.  I am certainly NOT saying do not go to a doctor when needed ... rather I'm trying to explain how our current healthcare system has effectively removed ourselves as experts regarding our own body and our own healing abilities.

The ability to heal ourselves is put in our own hands by bringing attention to the pain.  The power to treat ourselves and find lasting total health is put back into our control with CieAura.

I have mentioned the gift of CieAura many times, but until my friend asked this specific question, I didn't really appreciate the depth of true and lasting healing CieAura can provide.  This level of wellness and ability to take full responsibility is what natural healing is all about. 

** These statements are based on my direct experiences and serve as testimonials endorsing a product I believe in deeply.  CieAura does not diagnose, treat, cure, heal or prevent any disease or injury. **

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