Saturday, March 27, 2010

What is the New Earth?

"New Earth" is a recent term applied to our world's energetic shift which has been planned long before humankind walked the Earth.  We all change, vibrate, and progress from one energetic level to another-- whether or not we call it such, this is how growth occurs on our planet.  A butterfly must first be a cocoon just as an adult must first be a babe.  Some of the metamorphoses are quite logical while others are a bit more bizarre, even though we commonly accept them (a tadpole becoming a frog). Even though they don’t make sense, we accept these facts as reality for we are able to witness and observe their occurrence directly.  Similarly, a transformation of the Earth is occurring.  It has been planned since the Earth began so there is certainly nothing to fear nor anything to doubt.  As we are able to accept an egg will give life to a baby chick, so too must we accept -- even without fully understanding -- the Earth is undergoing a great change too.

The New Earth will be in the same physical space as we now reside and may undergo some cosmetic changes.  The Earth has indeed graduated to her perfected form and occupies a new vibratory level of being.  This is exactly as the Divine Plan lays out ... long before humankind walked the Earth.  Those of us who wish to make the quantum leap with the Earth must also change our own vibration to match Hers.

The current Earth was created as a School for our souls to play out karma and energetically improve our circumstances through lessons learned.  The Earth is THE place among the cosmos to experience love!  If the goal of the soul is coming back to Source, to Oneness, to God, the Earth is our School giving us ample opportunities to learn kindness, compassion and love.  Myriad factors have thrown us off course, causing individuals to forget this sacred mission and instead roam the "campus halls" looking for diversions.  Some have remembered their Divinity and walk the earth aware of its illusions and temperance.  These few (commonly called Light Workers) have done their "homework assignments" to raise their vibration and will be ready when the Earth dons her new form. 

For the rest of us, the work will be a bit more challenging.  We have not missed our opportunity rather we have been given tools and helpers to aid us.  The universe is created to love and support us in all endeavors.  Once we remember this, and are committed to our Divine Mission, we too can expect to walk the New Earth ... renewed, empowered and rejuvenated.  
Tap into your own Divinity and turn to your Spirit Helpers and Guides to show you how to be supported during these coming shifts. 
Light Workers are in place to provide added assistance.  Find a partner in assisting you toward your spiritual wellness and you will be able to conquer any doubts that may arise. 
~ Any tools which help you connect with yourself on a vibrational level are also powerful.  CieAura is one of these among the many energetic tools we been given from Spirit.  Acutonics, vibrational medicine and as always MUSIC are a few others.  Discover what your body best responds to. 

Find ways to embrace your Light and you will always know the way to the New Earth.

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