Friday, March 19, 2010

Patience is for Suckers

My Mama taught me well how to be a proper lady... and among the virtues patience always ranked high. As  I grow older and wiser, I've begun to see patience is for suckers.  To have patience implies you are waiting for something.  Waiting for what?!?  The gift of now is right NOW.

Each time I stand in line or sit in traffic, I take it as an opportunity for gratitude and connection.  At the CieAura Launch, we waited in many lines as we prepared to ready for the New Earth by sharing the wonders of CieAura.  Rather than becoming aggravated as many may in this situation, everyone embraced the time to connect and spend with others.  This is networking beyond anything I have seen before!  There was no jockeying for status or bragging about accomplishments, just genuine sharing of success and how everyone can support each other.  My heart was full as I participated in these exchanges over and over throughout the day. 

I write this not to further extol the greatness CieAura and what its retailers are building, but also to remind us all how life is happening right now, in this very moment.  We can take our waiting time to become bogged down by negativity (and complaining), or instead embrace it as a beautiful chance to reach out and connect.  We can connect to our Angels or Spirit Guides, or simply give thanks for the blessings of our day.  We can take the time to dream a new dream for ourselves and truly bring gratitude and the now into a perfect orchestration of fullness.  We can turn to the person standing next to us and see if we can bring joy to them with a smile.

Patience had its place, and was a valuable lesson as we prepared for the New Earth.  But now since we have arrived, we need to stop waiting and start embracing.   Say a prayer, give thanks, or take a moment to see the remarkable human beings all around you.  You'll find your life improves with these little steps of reminding us how to live from our heart.

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