Monday, October 11, 2010

Discovering Our Soul Mission

My strongest gift is in helping others re-member not only their brilliance and Divinity but also restoring their Soul Mission.
Each of us enters this life with a unique and specific calling. Often, we are most clearly in touch with this in our childhood. As we grow up and try increasingly harder to do what others expect of us, we lose touch with this soul calling (our own life purpose), and some of us forget it completely. This loss is epic not only to the individual but also to the universe.

Our Soul Mission serves not only our highest soul aspects, our very Divinity, but is also a sacred contract we agreed to manifest and bring to this world. Just as we need food and air to survive, our soul needs to fulfill this agreement to evolve! Imagine if Gandhi had instead decided to be an accountant …The world would have been bereft without his universal vision of peace and love. The world not only asks of us to do our best but EXPECTS and is counting on us to fulfill our commitment --our Soul Mission-- in order for mankind, the Earth, and the Universe to continue evolving.

You are Divine and the world needs you to live your Highest calling!

We all have something majestic to offer our world. At this most unique time in human history approaching the energetic shift of 2012, we are all needed to do our part. The Universe was designed to have all people from all cultures live and thrive with joy and ease, and once you are back in alignment with this truth, everything falls into place.

Your Soul Mission is not only the abilities which come easiest to you but also the skills and talents which bring you the greatest joy (in other words, your passion). By tapping into your innate skills and vitality (your Divine Essence), you are able to give Mother Earth and all Her people exactly what you agreed to manifest, and in turn, living your life most fulfilled and appreciative. This is exactly what is meant by the phrase: “Live your passion and the money will follow!” Imagine re-discovering your heart's passion and integrating it with your community in a manner that's reciprocally sustaining ...The original Heaven on Earth: The way the world was intended!

Through the Akashic Records and connecting with your Spirit Guides and Angelic Counsel, I am able to help you re-member your Soul Mission. Having your life purpose re-awakened is both a gift and a commitment. The return is very much a spiritual home-coming helping you feel more fulfilled and complete in your everyday life. Every fiber of your being (body, mind, heart & soul!) will resonate with harmonic bliss. Once your sacred path is identified, there will be no questioning this is exactly what you're supposed to be doing in this lifetime! It's that “eureka” moment when the lightbulb goes on and everything clicks perfectly. You KNOW it in every cell and your whole being feels lighter because it's resonating as the next step in your process.

Re-aligning with your Divine purpose is easier than one would think, because every aspect of your life was specially designed to help you achieve this Mission! Once re-aligned, you will discover things in your life happen magically and effortlessly.  With this in mind, let's consider the purpose of “road blocks” which everyone encounters throughout their day....

Blocks often appear as our greatest teachers showing up to remind us how to find ourselves again. By continually facing the same challenges, great lessons are offered to us. Andye is able to help you get the gift from these road blocks so you can heal yourself emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Not only am I able to help you re-member your Mission but I work with your Angelic Counsel to provide concrete guidance and next steps empowering you to embrace your Soul Mission. Rituals, exercises, and spiritual assignments are often given that allow you to begin changing your life.

I am not a healer believing instead everyone is Divine with the innate ability, desire and power to heal themselves. Using intuitive guidance, shamanic insights, and the divine expressions of Color I am able to help bring forth your highest self. My mission is to inspire and empower the world to fulfill its limitless potential. Just as you made a sacred contract to do your part, I too am doing mine. Only by helping people (re)awaken am I able to fulfill my destiny.

Re-align yourself back with your Soul Mission and the Universe will shine brighter as YOU are living your life purpose.

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