Tuesday, November 9, 2010

the Non-Obligatory (but Highly Encouraged) Disclaimer

I have been psychic since I was a kid-- heck we ALL are psychic.  For me I was an active participant in the unseen world-- seeing ghosts, talking to plants, and having intimate relationships with my invisible friends from the age of 3.

By 6, I was practicing with my sister "sending and receiving" games with a deck of cards.  In it's day, this ESP practice was said to help improve one's Extra-Sensory Perceptions. At 8 years old I was reading a book called You Are Psychic, hoping that I would one day be as "in tune" as my Dad seemed to be-- he could watch someone come out of a grocery store and tell you what they had bought.

My gifts would be largely empathic until I was ready to decide what to do with them.  I had to make a conscious choice and commitment to Spirit that I would choose this "path" as my only focus.

In 2001, at the age of 24, I made this agreement with my Angels and have been dedicating my professional career to being a full time "psychic" ever since.

Once I took this step, I became a highly active medium.  Medium in that I receive and deliver messages-- receiving directly from Spirit/Source/God.  Even I have been confused on exactly what it is I do.   My Guides have assured me I am not a channeler-- channeler, as explained by them, is someone who allows another energy to share their physical body, allowing "them" to drive so to speak.

I am a Medium- fully conscious, mostly present, deliverer of messages from the Divine.  I forget much of what comes through as it by-passes my brain and comes directly out my mouth -- both a gift and a burden for I have no chance to "edit" what is coming out!  The Angels showed me an image recently of a muppet (yes, a full on Henson muppet) with it's bulbous head only able to open and close from the mouth.

I am open one might say and the messages come from Above, right out my mouth without any chance of hitting my brain.  When I do get involved-- attempting to edit, decipher, or explain the messages-- the session loses its potency.  I've learned over the years I'm best as a Quiet Observer!

Chicago 2001 - I was fully activated receiving daily messages from Angels, Ghosts, and Spirit Guides.  At that point, I had no need to quantify "Who" was sending these messages.  The biggest hurdle in being fully psychic (as we all have the potential to be) is simply TRUSTING that the messages coming through are real.  The more I listened and trusted, the more They gave.

Way back when this all started, my husband and I didn't have the insight to capture what was being shared, as it seemed much more for our own personal growth rather than needing to be shared with anyone else.  Boy have things changed!

I now capture (through writing or voice recorder) as much as I can.  The messages I now receive are meant to be shared.  As I have gained clarity on my Soul Mission, my role in serving, the more I share the better I am fulfilling my obligation to the world.

The words, ideas, concepts, and "facts" found in my writing are direct communications from my Angelic Counsel, Spirit Guides, and trusted Light Beings.  I am not a scholar, not a researcher, and certainly not a scientist!  I receive what They share, Trust what They share and Share what they Share.  This is how I can be of service to my community.  

As I have become more proficient in receiving, I am also becoming more responsible in asking and verifying from whom the message is coming.  I make every effort to identify the source of the messages.  This is a necessary safety measure for me so I am assured I am working in the Light at all times.

My soul mission is becoming more clear by the day, I just have to get the heck out of the way to let if flow through. 

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