Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Woo Woo Word of the Moment :: Light Codes

I play in the light.  I sometimes can see light strings dancing from my fingers when I do healing work with clients.  My voice speaks in strange words and my hands unleash the most beautiful orchestral directives.

While this could sound rather odd, I've found it to be of the utmost benefit in my work.  The Angels deliver to me sundry gifts and this is just one more I get the divine pleasure of sharing in session.

The term "Light Codes" made no sense to me so I asked my Guides for an overview.

Our bodies, our DNA, is made of Light.  As we continue to move through 3d and into 5d, our bodies are shaking off the density of older vibrations.  We are changing at a cellular level so we can actually hold more light in our bodies.   The chakra system is changing a bit as older teachings (Egyptian mysteries and prior) are now becoming relevant again.

The Egyptians had a High Heart which in our current incarnations had no space.  In the past few months, I've actually been able to see new chakras appearing in clients.  I've been drawing these on my own to better understand.

As we move into higher vibrations, we can feel light headed and even giddy at times.  This is the result of more Light flooding into our bodies.   Forgetfulness can also be an off shoot so rest assured these symptoms will pass. 

The vibrations on this planet have been changing in the most majestic of ways.  And while not every day feels as blissful, we must remember that we often have to dive into the mud to find the lotus within.

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