Sunday, March 3, 2013

Be your own damn Master

I've always been leery of gurus. Though I recognize this is an ancient system of conveying teachings, the idea creeps me out a bit. I don't want to be anyone's teacher. I want to be a guide, walking hand in hand for whatever adventures spirit has in store!

My own quest for a teacher left me confused and dis-empowered…

For the first part of my psychic career, I held myself back from the many inspirations, thoughts and teachings I was receiving from Spirit. It was in my first round of shamanic training that the teacher stressed we needed a mentor in the physical world, someone to guide and protect us, before any deep spiritual work could be undertaken. I was receiving visions and messages on a near daily basis but felt like I should ignore them. In fact, the first time I spontaneously did mediumship (hearing messages from a passed loved one), I went to this trusted shaman and was instructed stop what I was doing until a teacher came along.

I prayed I would find my teacher, believing I was unable to share the breadth of my gifts with the world until one did. I was left confused and felt compelled to dismiss the teachings my angels and guides were trying to give me. Everyone held this man in high regard so I trusted his input. To this day a teacher (in this world) has yet to appear….

When I met Ann Drucker, a friend and beloved guide in Boulder, she encouraged me instead to just "try and see what happened" if I followed the messages. This lil nudge of encouragement, yea permission, from someone I respected was all I needed. I began trying out, listening to and trusting the messages and I haven't looked back!

Over the years, I've been told in nearly every psychic and astrological reading I’ve received that my life path is to be a teacher. I recoiled at the idea given my own dismissive experiences with teachers and guru types. However in 2012, my Guides suggested I be a “mentor!” This word shifted the energy from “guru” to “equal,” and I was in.

The Soul Mastery Mentoring Program allows me to share and cheer on others as they learn to use their gifts!

Here's what I've observed with teachers and some things to be watchful of as you choose your path...

  • A mentor can walk and guide but does not hold herself higher than the mentoree. 
  • When working in the spiritual and metaphysical realms, its difficult sometimes to find teachers who both teach and practice humility. The ego is so very ready to jump in and take credit. Find the one who recognizes the work is what is special and not the teacher
  • Many teachers forget to teach! They may hold themselves in a position of power and believe they are giving the healing or responsible for the magic. Teachers get burned out this way and sometimes must step back from the work because they are doing rather than genuinely teaching their students. Teaching is a two way street and the work is ever expanding-- We learn from and teach to all the time. No one is ever a master and incapable of learning more! 
  • The more we teach, the more we learn. Share everything and encourage others to do the same. Anytime you see a trademarked procedure or copyright, ask yourself if this is a genuine quest to protect the teaching (some things are not for the novice and need be protected in a way) or if its done from ego to credit the teacher and receive material gain. 
  • It's easy when you experience something that feels magical, to attribute it to the teacher. This is never the case, it is always because of God/Spirit/Source and YOU. Anytime one tries to take credit, we must stop and acknowledge that we are simply a vehicle for the work or teaching
  • Often when a teacher encounters a student with gifts greater than their own, they are unable to champion and encourage without envious inklings rising up in themselves. Look instead for the teacher who is in awe of your magnificence and only wishes to help it blossom in you.
  • When you work with people who are energetically open and vulnerable, it is paramount that ethics and boundaries are clearly respected. If anything makes you uncomfortable, speak your truth and a true teacher will hear honor and shift with you.
  • Be ok with walking away. We outgrow people and we outgrow teachers, this is a sign of outer own development and should be celebrated. 

Andye Murphy happily offers her Mentorship Program to those 
magnificent souls ready to embrace their truth!

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