Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thor and the Akasha

I'm a geek.  No shame, no challenge there.  So when I headed out to see Thor: the Dark World, I was a bit overjoyed and mucho dismayed at what I found.

The plot line is solid (except for the killing off of Freja - harumph!) a love story, galactic battles and a fierce Kat Dennings, thank you. But, but, but...

They spoke of the AEther, the substance that makes up the world before creation... and it was the evil, the villain of the whole dern movie.

I know this Aether as the Akasha, the foundation of the Akashic Records.  And I'll confess, I was disheartened, I was irritated, I was mad.  How could they so twist and perverse the sacred aether.  How and why could something of such love be tainted to handily fit into the subject of a movie.  Ouch, Marvel.  And tsk, tsk.

My experience of the Aka-sa, the Akash, is so drastically different... the ancients called it the primary substance, the invisible matter, that holds worlds together.  It is everywhere and nowhere all at once.  And in its majesty, is the greatest of all forms.  From the aether we can create worlds-- not darkness.  It is from the dark that the Aether awaits-- awaiting to become form, awaiting intention, awaiting creation.  It is wholeness and light and love and all possible potential of this and every other dimension.

To pervert it so, was a malicious twisting of sacred form.  Yes, I get the fun of it all, your cleverness, but come the heck on--  Why taint something so very sacred?  

So you can take your fear and shove it... I'll enjoy the shirtless Thor, and the powerful expression of Freja... before you dorks decided to kill her.  

If you want to explore the Aether for yourself, an Akashic Records Reading will give you a lil taste of the true purity of this space.  Classes granting access to this very real and sacred energetic space will also be offered starting in January 2014. 

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  1. Right there with you. In an ideal world it would be fabulous if an industry with so much influence would participate in spreading Truth and Love. (In addition to being a geek, I am apparently also a throwback hippie...)