Thursday, November 14, 2013

Sheshat for Starseeds

Sheshat, as the Goddess of Astronomy, is now fulfilling one of Her most crucial roles. Looking to the heavens and finding Her constellation, Sheshat's dress is a blanket of stars. Her knowledge of the infinite star systems and celestial beings is incredibly vast. Dolores Cannon, a vociferous collector of Star Being knowledge, suggests we are ALL star seeds coming from different planets and dimensions to learn lessons here on Earth. 

Sheshat confirms this and holds within our Akashic Records our earliest star origins. She is literally a gateway to the Stars assisting us in remembering our own Intergalactic history and giving her blessing to those non-human, celestial beings working in the Light to help humans ascend.

We can invoke Sheshat to help us remember our own Star Seed... our own Planet of Origin: Where our oldest lifetimes began! 

You may be incredibly surprised to discover your original lifetime was not on Earth.  

Truth is... We all come from other places (planets) to do the greatest works of LOVE on Earth. Much like New York City is an ethnic melting pot for our whole world, our Mama Earth is an Intergalactic melting pot allowing beings of many dimensions and other races to learn how to co-habitate, cultivate and manifest true love for one another.

As you begin to explore (or embrace!) the reality of life beyond this planet, Sheshat can soothe and lovingly guide you into peace as you begin to see the universe is much larger than you may have ever imagined. For me in realizing the truth of celestial beings and galatic  helpers, it took many months of assimilation as my worldview shifted drastically. With any luck, you are already more enlightened than I when this all began, and can easily accept a federation of extra-terrestrial guardians! If not, gratefully call upon Sheshat to help you gently accept the vastness of support we receive from our Galactic Family and friends.

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