Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Question of Faith

I consider myself a woman of great faith, devotion to God and a dedication to my spiritual path are among those things most sacred to me.  What I do comes from God, I deliver His messages in honor and integrity and feel myself to be a conduit of His Divine Light.

Faith is a deeply personal journey and one that should never be taken lightly.  I respect all paths and honor each person's mission to cultivate this most necessary relationship with the Divine.

I work in a largely Christian community and while clients may be interested in seeing me, some feel it is a challenge to their current beliefs.   I don't ever find this to be the case.... having a psychic reading and loving Jesus are in no way at odds! I believe in a faith that allows us to have a direct relationship with God...  prayer, meditation and service are all ways we can be in this direct communion. 

I had this same conversation with a client who had contemplated calling me for over a year.  Susan (shared with her permission) came in last month for her 2nd reading! I asked if she would talk about how her experience and concerns had played out.  I found her words helpful and am grateful she allowed me to share it. 

Healers working in integrity can bring great clarity and peace of mind.  It is never a substitute for medical or psychiatric care, nor even good common sense.  But in the best of circumstances, ethical psychics can provide insight and direction when your own thoughts, feelings or beliefs are tripping you up.

It is not a question of faith, but in service to your own Truth, to allow your intuition to get a second opinion. (And. my thanks to Clairbook for such a witty tagline!) 

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