Thursday, September 8, 2011

Psychic Schmychic .... Client rights during a reading

When I first started doing psychic readings, my mom asked me if I was calling myself Madam Andye and using a crystal ball!  

Psychic conjures up all kinds of images of fakes and phonies for me.  It sounds so flipping airy fairy I want to kick myself everytime I present myself as a psychic.  We have so many forces working against us, some days it’s an uphill battle to introduce myself as a legitimate business woman.  Imagine the scoffs I get at professional networking events when I share what I do!

However, the bottom line is if you want to find a psychic – or someone who offers readings --  this is likely the word you will go looking for.  We (my colleagues and myself) have tried to come up with all kinds of terms to dance around psychic : intuitive, spiritual counselor, energetic healer, clairvoyant.  You name it, I’ve tried it—truly, look through a stack of my old business cards and you’ll find any number of these terms proudly printed. 

Call me what you will, I keep moving forward bringing the gift of my integrity to the masses.  I have to set an ethical standard and teach clients what a psychic should be offering them.  I work hard to legitimize my services and my industry so the healing we offer can one day be received as readily as chiropractic care (and they too had their own challenges with creating a place in healing!) 

Each time I sit down with a new client, I try to explain what they should expect of me or anyone like me. 

I have no doubts of my abilities and must move forward fearlessly.  If I wasn’t confident in my authenticity, I would never be able to fulfill the amazing tasks Spirit asks of me.  Call me what you will, I love my work and know I provide profound healings for people.    
I am not here to convince or prove to you what I do is real.  Rather I must quickly dismiss from you any resistance so I can be the powerful experience you paid for!  If you have found your way to me, I trust some part of you is ready for the information that is ready to be shared.  Once I share the magic piece that opens your heart, the most powerful transformative nature of a reading can then begin.

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