Sunday, September 18, 2011

Psychic Myth Bustin'

"How can you do psychic work in Denver full time if no one believes in what you do?"  I had a new friend recently ask me this and as I tried to compose myself and answer diplomatically, all I could think was geesh, this is exactly the struggle I face in legitimizing my business.  

"From one holy shit moment to the next," I answered.  It's often those who don't believe in my work at all that gain the most.  I rely on touching people's hearts in the most profound of ways and hope they pass my name along.  I know my ethics, my authenticity and my sincerity, so the real trick is just finding others who value what I do. 

So for the record, let's clear up some of the crazy schiet y'all think of when you think of a psychic:

~ we wear turbans and use a crystal ball
~ we're just making stuff up
~ we sleep with cats
~ we're weird, crazy or both
~ we know the future
~ we're out to curse, beguile or scam you

Now some may be all or part of these things, I however, and most of my close trusted circle of psychic allies, are none of these.... ok, maybe the cat part but that's their story to tell!

I am a sassy and spunky, non turban wearing psychic.  I don't love the word psychic but get that it's a good catch all to explain what the fudge I do!  I feel myself to be a force of positive change, inspiration and empowerment.  I do this using my enhanced intuitive abilities and continually receiving training so I may better be in service.  I am a healer and hope to help my community in times of need.  AND I try to do this with as little ego as possible.

I'm also a Mom, Wife, Sister, Daughter, tax payer, business woman, voracious reader, sometimes inspired chef, and avid plant lover.  The more I normalize my work and allow people to know me before they know what I do, the more they may safely relax into the world I get to walk.

To be able to deliver messages from the other side that heal decade old wounds, to clear energies that block someone from fulfilling their dreams, and to help empower someone with the truth of an awful relationship so (s)he can move on for good-- that is the gift of the psychic.  I feel so very blessed and am in constant awe of the beauty I get to see through your eyes.

If you're in need of the fortune telling schiester... there are those out there who will gladly fulfill your expectations and empty your pockets while incense and candles flicker in the background.  But leave your conceptions at the door and step on into a world of much more inspired and practical, ethical psychics.  You'll be so glad you did... and if you aren't, tell me so!  Go ahead, I dare ya :-)

Looking for a psychic reading in Denver or long distance via Skype? I just may be your gal!

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