Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Soul Loss ... and other esoteric soul mastery notions

In the last post on the Boon Guide, I mentioned the Soul Retrieval -- way to leave you hangin, right?   I wanted to share why this is one of my favorite tools for healing!

It's really such a powerful process and I think everyone should receive at least one Soul Retrieval in the course of a lifetime.  (I've had 3 to date and find more pieces each time!)  
The basic idea::  as traumas occur, little pieces of us branch off or run away, called soul loss.  A soul retrieval gathers the "parts" and brings them home.  

And now for the expanded version of why soul retrievals are necessary ::   ... I'll explain the process next time...

First, let's set the landscape.  The Shaman performs Soul Retriveals which are the result of Soul Loss.  The Shaman is master of the spirit and physical worlds.  It is this trained and revered healer who literally walks between worlds to help his/her community.  The tools are well honored traditions, prayers, and methods that have been passed down through the ages.  The Soul Retrieval is one such tool.  

Soul Loss is what we're delving into so we need to know what makes the soul so dang special… outside of the obvious qualities...

The soul is our most basic life force.  As soon as the soul leaves, the body dies.  Anyone who has been with a loved one at the moment of passing can tell you once the soul departs, the person looks different, empty even.  

“You don’t have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body.”   - C.S. Lewis

Our soul is multi-faceted and complicated!  Not only does it venture through lifetimes, but it may even leave our body occasionally and visit other places.  Shamanic journeying, astral projection, and remote viewing are examples of the soul taking an escapade yet not fully departing the physical body.  

The soul can explore realms and come back… or in a soul loss, venture off and stay gone until we come lookin’.  Soul loss occurs any number of ways – from physical or sexual abuse, through experiencing a traumatic situation, or even just having a bad fight.  No one knows with certainty why a soul piece decides to fly off, but it is a common occurrence and one rarely addressed in our society.  Soul loss occurs for any number of reasons and cannot be prevented.  It is simply part of the package in this human condition.  

Shamans will look for hints that soul loss has occurred.  When they find clues, a soul retrieval is the next step to restoration of the client.  Here are some hints that may suggest this route:

You may notice a part of you feels dead or lost, this would be an obvious clue.  Were you in an auto accident years ago and haven't been the same since?  Or perhaps there's a relationship, long gone, that you've never been able to let go of. 

Common symptoms of a soul loss include :

 - depression
 - feeling incomplete
 - feeling stuck and not knowing how to move through it
 - feeling not like yourself, disconnected from those you love

Not all traumas cause soul loss and in some instances a piece may just decide it's all too much and hot tail it outta there.  I had one piece do exactly that.  She wasn’t happy with the choices I was making as a young adult—I enjoyed my drinking phase while she found it destructive!    

Though we cannot "prevent" soul loss, we can become energetically sensitive enough to recognize when something is off.  In this way we can do our own psychic maintenance to ensure total well being.  

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  1. Wow...I have been drinking and can't figure out why I can't stop. I've prayed and tried, but it just keeps coming back. Even after over two years of sobriety it has come back...and with a vengeance!! Is there any way to find out what keeps making me do this??