Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wishful Thinking or Actual Messages from the Other Side

We’ve all heard the stories of mourning family members receiving messages from the other side.   But how do we know when it’s actual “proof” of the great beyond versus wishful thinking?

In my world, I try to accept everything as true!  The very nature of my work means I must believe.  Truth be told, you are psychic too and the more you believe, listen to, trust and follow the information you receive, the more you will be given.   

token of an angel left for me by my Gram 9 days after her death...

If you have a questionable encounter… ask yourself if believing that it’s true makes you feel better or worse.  Invariably, better right?  So go with that, lovey and let your heart feel soothed in your time of need.  From songs on the radio at just the right time, to lights flicking on and off,  to uncanny coincidences, these are easy ways Spirit can get through to us. 

I’ve had a slew of departed loved ones recently teaching me from the other side.  One gentleman in particular was giving me a lecture on how radios (and music boxes) are easier to manipulate – get through—than an ipod.  Fascinating!  The level of the energy he said is more conducive for him in the radio signal rather than a programmed, mini-computer formatted, ipod.  The frequencies, he said, were more harmonious and carried more of a life energy.  Even Pandora has quite the right energy… you can read all about that story here.    Perhaps radio and Pandora allows for coincidence to enter because we are not in control of what’s on.  

Gavin and I used to get frequent messages from his bff who crossed when they were teenagers.  Tony, in his youth, worked in a Taco Bell.  There was a particular Taco Bell in Chicago that we used to go to be with him.  Every time we were there the music on the radio would literally answer us, confirming the things we were contemplating.  Nirvana in a Taco Bell—you better believe it!

This universe is giving us myriad ways everyday to support us in our growth and expansion.  If we choose to be skeptical, we will receive confirmations, myth busting and empiricist science that disproves the spiritual.   That is the way the universe works, it provides us with what we ask for.

For those of us who choose to believe (I <3 Mulder!) we will likewise find more ways that support us in our optimism.  Believing brings us more, feels better and allows us to actively participate in the magic of creation.  Try it out both ways and let me know which feels better for you! 

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