Sunday, September 11, 2011

the Boon of the Invisible Friend

Remember that friend you "made up" as a kid?  The reliable, loyal playmate who only you could see?  Even if you don't, go ahead an imagine him/her now for fun.  Once you have this picture in your mind, bring it into your heart and feel the love they shared with you!

Now for the cool part-- you weren't and aren't making them up!  In fact this is a special Spirit Guide who is assigned to help you as a child.  From the point of conception up until about 9-11 years old, it is the sacred role of this Guide to protect and nurture you.

Just as we choose -- prior to our birth-- our parents, our lessons, and even our body type, we also are given our Boon Guide, who some call the Invisible Friend, who will help ensure our soul, our very divine essence, is securely housed within the physical body.  
Many families dismiss these earliest recounting as being just the imagination.  When in fact the role of this Guide is so crucial to our own spiritual development!  Kids who actively see these Invisible Friends should be encouraged and honored.  

I call them the Boon Guide because of an reference from Brian Froud to the Boon Fairy. The Boon, in fairy lore, was a family fairy assigned to protect the children of the lineage keeping away bad dreams and traveling throughout the generations.  Our imaginary friends act in this same manner, though a bit more robust in their sacred endeavors.  Boon, by definition, is a blessing!  And I can’t imagine a more appropriate title. 

Ok, fascinating, but why might this Guide be helpful to us as adults?

I remember as a child playing in the bath with my invisible friend, Victoria.  She was a gorgeous and exotic woman with long black hair and fine features.  Why was my friend a full grown woman I wondered.  As an adult, I rekindled a relationship with her and discovered her very important role.  If was from her, I was given the information on Boon Guides.  

She has remained a constant teacher and invaluable asset for my own growth.  I have a much more full relationship with her now than I did even then.  

What I love the most about the Boon Guides are their ability to protect and witness childhood traumas.  These are not beings who interfere, or change the course of human action, but they can hold us safely during even the most horrific of young events.  

-       In cases of childhood trauma including physical and sexual abuse, their silent witness can help us reclaim parts of ourselves, and our power, that we lost as children.

-      When Soul fragmentation occurs (where the a part of the soul runs away… very common in fact!), the Boon will make sure the "run-away" lands safely.  If we seek a soul retrieval, the Shaman may ask for the help of the Boon Guide to make sure the soul part is retrieved successfully.

-       For inner child work, we can ask for the assistance of our Boon Guide to remember events and circumstances that may be affecting us as adults.  

-       Psychologists and healers who assist their clients in recovering from childhood wounding can work with the Boon to facilitate more profound healing

Though we may "outgrow" our Invisible Friends, the protection and devotion of the Guide never really leaves us.  The love of our Boon Guides can be a powerful force as it the love that follows us from Source right into the center of our being.  

Wanna reconnect with your Boon Guide?  Listen to the mediation below and you can begin to rekindle this most magnificent alliance!

listen now :::


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