Friday, September 30, 2011

Haunted Houses, Ghosts and My oh My.... there's something in the air this time of year!

Let’s break this down into a few parts…. Are there ghosts?  Yes.  Are some houses haunted?  Yes.  Are evil spirits out to scare people?  Not so much!

Here’s my take on what the heck is happening in the invisible realms…

The death process is tricky, requiring the right keys and access. 

For most of us, Angels & Loved Ones will ensure we make our way through to the other side.    For others, those whose life was filled with ick or those who pass too quickly or while under the influence, the A to B of life to death is muddier.   These few can happen into becoming a ghost. 

Other “ghosts” are stuck on their own accord.  A brutal or cruel life may warrant fear that the being is unwilling to face.  I don’t give up hope on any being and instead choose to help them make their way through.  

In the days of Old, we had intricate ceremonies, and prayers for the Dead.  The Egyptian and Tibetan Books of the Dead chronicle 100 days of prayers and rituals to ensure the crossing party made it to the other side.  In our modern rituals, we are dead, buried and grieved within a week!  

Ghosts do happen and require assistance.  To me, it simply looks like a soul who is stuck and needs a light shone in the right direction to get moving again.   Whether in death or in life, my job is to compassionately assist souls in their journey.  A house clearing (or blessing) can be incredibly effective and beneficial in assisting the "stuck" soul and helping the family feel better, clearer and more safe. 

Haunted houses rarely have ghosts.  Hauntings are the result of intense energy that has created an imprint in the fabric of time… Yes, I may watch and love my Dr. Who but this is truly the best my mind has been able to make sense of it.   Imagine writing something in pencil then erasing it.  The bold color words may be gone, but the image – your creation, intention, and energy – will still be there. 

A haunting is often simply a bad event, that keeps playing itself over and over as if in a loop.  In most cases, the household simply needs to figure out that this is what’s happening and reconcile how they can live with it.  A true haunting poses no threat as the energy is simply repeating an image and has no life force (being/person/thing) attached to it. 
 If there is an energy attached (a ghost) who is causing the family discomfort, an intervention is required to assist the being in movin on.  I believe in compassionate clearing, helping the ghost understand what occurred and empowering them with the option of completing their own natural life/death cycle. 

So what about the oogie boogies who are harming or threatening?  Evil, they are not for the word is simply divisive.  Polarity (good vs bad) is the true root of most “bad things” and when we can understand with greater awareness, the fear factor may be eradicated.  There are energies who operate “different” than us.   Most of us operate from a place of love, kindness, and harmonious relationships.  Others seek power and greed.  This doesn’t make them wrong, just different… you still with me??

The oogie boogies are older earth bound energies who simply want power.  They feel power by creating fear.  Look at them like monsters (or even demons) and you only provoke your own fear.  Look at them like beings with an agenda different than yours and you are empowered to change the situation! 

For those truly dark beings with a rooted agenda in fear, we have skilled LightWorkers who can assist.  I do not encourage bustin out your sage and trying to clear things on your own.  Sometimes you’ll only entice that which you are trying to rid. 

But, having the knowledge of what’s what in the invisible realms is power too.  If you have specifics, put in a call to someone you trust and ask for assistance!  My basic rule is that we are Masters of this plane and we’re in charge.  When we can come into our power on this, we have infinite potential to create and be the change we seek.   

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