Thursday, October 20, 2011

modern musings on 2012

Much discussion have been brewin over the looming 2012 new year.  As with all things, you really can breathe into it what you'd like.  End of the world?  New brink of humanity?  Or simply a new year's day no different than last.  Whatever your heart wants to be true, you can find someone who can validate it.

My view has shifted over the years... settling into something rather special that now fills me with giddiness.

When my daughter was born, I would wake panicking.  I bought some books that helped me sort out my beliefs from the pre-programmed hype.  Once I could clearly see what freaked me out, I could then label it as being my stuff or not my stuff.  Even watching a trailer for movie  2012, I felt such fear being cued.  Inside the darkened theater, I did my best to eradicate the mass induced fear the images and music were trying to amp up. 

What I have experienced in an ever increasing excitement as we approach the year!  It's remarkable how much we are evolving as a whole.  Never before have we been able to access all previous lifetimes with perfect clarity.  Never before have we been given access to esoteric spiritual tools simply by asking.  Never before have we been empowered enough to clean up our karma consciously!  The internet has made information available en masse.  From science to religion to politics to cooking (!), technology really has enable us in every way to have, know and be whatever we want.

In most spiritual traditions, you would dedicate your life to your focused speciality-- be it Tibetan Buddhism or monastic scholarly pursuits.  If you were devoted and prudent, you may gain a kernel of universal truth in your aged years.  This may be a meditation practice, the ability to levitate, or simply a healing technique known only to your tribe or clan. 

Now, in knowing the questions to ask, we are able to get clear and beneficial information instantly!  A web search can only be at the level you know how to request.  If you need a 3rd eye activation from Metatron, you can find one online.  If you are looking for the best way to awaken the serpents to assist in ascension level meditations... that's out there too.

I am humbly amazed by the breadth and quality of spiritual materials available to us.  In the last 10 years alone we have advanced the human race to a level not achieved since Atlantis.  With the monumental push, it's truly mind blowing to imagine what 2012 might herald in.  Be bold, be curious, be humble and see what new frontier you can conquer!

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