Friday, October 21, 2011

Rock n Roll What?!?

I've been playing out in the ethers as the Rock N Roll Shaman for a few years now.  Invariably someone asks how this moniker came into being and I always have fun answering this.

My friend Laura Faeth is the first to inspire me and since then myriad other answers, reasons and justifications have come in.

To answer it simply, I love music, am rather rockin my readings and bust out old paradigms much as rock n roll music does.

It is through sound that all the worlds ills can be resolved!  When I'm down and out, Tool is always the first thing I pop in to feel like myself again.  NERD is what my family invariably chooses when we clean.   Melancholy calls always for John Fruscuinate's The Emyprean ... or Journey if I'm feelin' nostalgic.  Sunday morning breakfasts bust out with Ella Duke while Tom Kenyon and the sounds of the Hathors play in my office while working.  And when I'm writing... Wagner. 

What's the sound of your soul?

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