Friday, September 9, 2011

Why your reading may suck... and how to make sure it doesn't

“Oh, I’ve been to psychics before but no one can ever read me.”  Weekly I hear this from someone as a reason not to have a reading.  As a strong, clear, and ethical psychic in Colorado, I know I’m good at my job and sometimes take the fact that no one before has been able to read you as a challenge.  In the decade I’ve been doing readings, only once have I actually found this to be the case.  What I have found is that the only real reason for a block is fear … and a heart that needs a lil bit of lovin’.  

People who are resistant or doubtful of my abilities can be a wee bit challenging.  These are the people who invariably are looking for a reason I am wrong.  Perhaps I challenge their beliefs, or maybe they just fear their own truth, which inevitably wants to be shared.  Others may have a specific agenda and if I’m unable to pass their “tests” I must be a phony.  A client once asked me to replay the conversation she and her brother had in his last moments.  This does feel like a test and one I don’t choose to participate in.  The cool thing?  Even these readings are ultimately successful in receiving the information that needs to come through.

What I have found is one’s open heart is directly proportionate to how well the reading goes.  The woman who wants to simply confirm that her husband is cheating will only receive this from the reading.  While the man who is just in this “to see what happens,” with an open heart and curious mind, will likely have his reality shifted in the best of ways!

Even for the few who just sit down to a reading for kicks, I am damn good at what I do and can quickly convert you.  The dubious are often my biggest supporters in fact for they never though the psychic stuff was real anyway.  Ain’t surprises grand?

If you come in for a reading looking for a specific message, you may unknowingly block the most beautiful information that really wants to be shared.

Any and everyone can be read.  The power of information is indicative of the open-ness of your heart. 

To ensure your reading is grand…

-                   ~  Throw expectations out the window
-                   ~ Come with an open heart ready to receive what Spirit has to offer
-                   ~ Have questions written down so we can focus our energies best

Yup, that’s really it!  So rock on Spirit seekers and have fun along the way!  This is supposed to be enthralling after all. 

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