Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Woo Woo Word of the Moment :: Séance

I've shyed away from this word for a long time, but ultimately, mama's ready to reclaim it!

In the traditional sense, a séance is a gathering where the living (that's us) can talk, connect and be in commune with those on the other side.  It is an opportunity for healing and connection to bring peace and sometimes awe to those in attendance.

The séance got a bad wrap in the early part of this century.  When spiritualists reigned, so too were there opportunities for less than integrious individuals to take advantage. It's not my belief nor experience that most psychics are insincere, rather, all work at differing levels of integrity, and that's why I stress ethics in my community so strongly. 

Séances are not simply mediums connecting and sharing messages, I have most often experienced them as evenings of intense connections and teachings.  All who gather in the spirit of curiosity and sincerity are gifted with something truly remarkable.  From weird noises to unexplained lights, all things are possible! 

While we do open doorways and peek through the veil, séances are a safe step in spiritual waters.  I tend to experience them less as an occult and more in the realm of healing when properly conducted.  Setting safe space and having clear boundaries are essential pieces to hosting a gathering such as this.  We close doors after us, we release Spirits back to God/Goddess/Source and we say prayers blessing everyone in the highest divine light.  This is a boon for our communities much more so than an entertaining diversion. 

If you wanna play deeper:

- the Scole Experiement is an excellent resource for those seeking to explore life after death.  I've found them to be not only fascinating but in great integrity and service as well!

- I host an annual séance in the Denver area each year in this spirit of gathering and community healing.   Check it out and join us if you can!


  1. And you have personal knowledge of this supposed scam?

  2. thanks Laura, but no need to engage with those who simply wish to throw around their hate. we stay in the light and serve from love.