Monday, June 17, 2013

Boundaries, the ultimate act of Self Love

At the end of a reading, a client gently asked if there was anything else she needed to know... a seemingly simple question... and this came through.  I happily share with her permission!

"Boundaries are an act of self love.  An act of valuing oneself over the perceived inconvenience you may cause another.  when you choose not to set boundaries, you tell the universe that you (your time, your feelings, etc) don't matter.  the other person is therefore more "important" than you.  

In the universe of co-creation, each time we slight ourselves we deny our participation in an unfolding universe.  We are not important, we are not co creators and the universe cannot honor what we ask of it for we are not honoring it within ourselves.  

You know and have the tools but don't exercise them preferring to make yourself uncomfortable instead.  

We seem to think boundaries may hurt or offend the other.  when in fact it is us who are inconvenienced.  some may choose to disregard the boundaries you set, and these energies then become clear thorns that need to be pruned from the garden of your life.  

Boundaries are not rude, they are acts of protection and honor of self.  They are self love and can be exercised in a way that shows the universe and the other person, that we value and love ourselves.  Each time we do this, we can teach the others too as well." 

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