Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Lion's Stargate of July 29th

We have a massive astrological event July 29th that promises to shift the world... both inner and outer realities will be affected.  I'm not just being dramatic (though us Cancerian souls quite excel at that!) astrologers across the world are talking about this Stargate.  The last time it occurred, it brought the end to World War 2 on Feb. 7, 1945.  This is the true birth to the Age of Aquarius.  

I'm planning on some ceremony and quiet time to absorb and learn.

And honestly, I'm more giddy about this cosmic happening than any other yet this summer.  I can't contain my excitement and keep feeling something big is upon us. 

As I'm no astrologer, here's what I've been gathering...

from the powerful Liv Woodford:

The portal opens: Moon enters Taurus 1:43am EDT
Moon sextile Neptune 9:45am - Star of David (the two Grand Trines) is activated
Moon opposite Saturn 10:41am
MOON SQUARE SUN 1:43pm EDT – A Tetrahedron (perfect Triangle) is activated
Moon sextile Jupiter 3:12pm
Moon trine Venus 5:48pm - Merkaba (Flower Formation) is activated
Moon trine Pluto 7:17pm
The portal closes: Moon sextile Mars 10:09pm EDT

The Water Grand Trine (Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter, Mars and Mercury) is about connectivity, about deepening our intuition and being able to bring our vision into reality through following, trusting and paying attention to our feelings.  With Mercury in the mix, it also reflects that success will come through communicating our vision and collaborating with others.

The Earth Grand Trine (Venus, Pluto, Moon) helps to establish what we are wanting to bring into the world.  It assures and helps us connect to the resources we need to ground the dream in reality.  It supports and fuels the promise of the Water Grand Trine.

Tomorrow feels like an opportunity for a reset, an alignment that will allow us to manifest changes on this planet that support us in creating the New Earth.  Be in your intention and participate with rest of the beings of light to bring in something truly transforming. 

If you'd like to dive deeper, the Mystic Mamma offers a fabulous compilation of inspiring thoughts for the day.  

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