Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Through Death's Doorway

One of my biggest passions is assisting soul's from our world to the next.  I find my work as psychopomp one of the most rewarding!  

I'm not so good seeing people out (the actual death transition, I leave to the angels of hospice!) but I am often called on to help soul's make their journey clearly to the other side.  

I am a soul conductor.  Helping people make their way from the land of the living to the blissful land of Spirit.  I assist in making their journey to the afterlife.  The Egyptians had intricate prayers and rituals, yet our society simply offers condolences and elaborate funerary rites that often do not serve the soul at any level.   

I received this question today and thought it worth sharing:

"Hi Andye, 

I had a old friend that just passed.....I think he stopped by to say bye.  Is it to early to tell?"

--- "Not at all!  Within 3 days of passing, he's making his rounds.  Up until the funeral it's perfectly normal for him to visit and say howdy to friends and loved ones.  After the funeral, 6 weeks of quiet is needed for the soul to transition to the other side."

I shared some of these teachings when my cousin Gale passed.  He taught us much about Dying with Grace and I am happy to carry on his wisdom.

Death is a welcome and beautiful gift. To regard it with fear and distrust only harms the soul.  Please talk to your loved ones about this transition so we can lift the current consciousness that permeates our society!

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