Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Learning the Tarot

The Tarot is a complex and intuitive joy ride.  If you want to learn, be patient but also know you personal meaning carries more weight than anyone else's interpretations!  Dive in and enjoy the journey. 

I have been a full on medium and intuitive most of my life, but it was only 2 summers ago that I incorporated the tarot into my psychic tool box.  I enjoy it's rich imagery and find deeper meaning the more I use it.  Some readings are just straight up tarot readings-- allowing the wisdom of the cards to be the only vehicle for messages to arrive-- while other times I will allow the messages to come in and the tarot to act as confirmation to what I'm receiving. 

We will all have our own rhythm, story and relationship with the Tarot.  It is a beneficial tool for personal insight and soul development.   If you'd like to learn start with the traditional Rider Waite, it's the oldest deck and contains the most potent archetypal imagery.  Learn that and then branch out into oracle decks and specialty decks as you'd like.  (My favorite deck right now is the Isis Oracle ... it's so mega intense, I haven't yet seen, much less even studied, every card!)

Here's how I learned the tarot:

~ Get a notebook just for tarot. Something pretty and cool (moleskin, rocks!) worked best for me so I was excited to use it. 

~ Organize the deck into each suit, then by ascending order -- Ace, 2... to Queen and King

~ For each card, sit with it and write down your impressions (on one page and leaving the facing page blank).  Study the images, note your intuitions, what the card evoked and very your first gut reactions. 

~ On the second run, read the meaning of each card and write this on the opposite facing page.

~ Review your notebook and make friends with the card.  Get to know each character.  Every card carries their own story.  Sit with each and try to reconcile what you felt initially and what the most common meaning is.

I've found since I learned the tarot, the meanings are highly personal and yet very archetypal. I don't like the King of Swords - he's a dick - but still necessary in some cases.  Sometimes my attention is drawn to a specific image on the card (I was playing with the Page of Pentacles during a reading last week and noticed my attention kept being drawn to his red hat.  It turns out the person being discussed was recovering from brain tumors!) 

As in all our soul work, what it means to us is of most value.

If you'd like resources get some books, play online or find a local teacher. 

The Tarot Revealed by Eden Grey is awesome for it gives the alchemical and ancient meaning of each image on the card.  I like to seep in the cards so if you dig all the juicy details, this book is a must!

Working with teachers is also of great support, but is never the only method upon which you want to rely.  I've worked with 2 different teachers and both had completely different meanings for the cards.  Both are highly respected readers in her own right, so their use of the tarot becomes an extension of her individual psychic gifts.  However as a student, it only confused and frustrated me.  I'm a bit of a rebel, so learning on my own proved the most satisfying.

The cards will talk and give you another tool of connecting with your own intuition.  The characters and imagery play in the ancient places and inspire stories.  Allow the cards to reveal themselves to you and share the story that gives you the guidance you seek.Most of all, sweet love, trust what's coming through!  Allow the Tarot to be an amelioration of your own knowingness. 

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