Thursday, July 26, 2012

the Present in Presence

The summer has whomped only the most glorious of ways!  My business is full, my family is thriving and I've launched a new mentoring program that is so freakin' exhilarating!  But with all the bustle, I need to find more ways to be present in this moment.  

Grounding, meditating and even just plain breathing are all ways we can do this.  And while it may sound simple enough, my daughter taught me that this too must be learned, practiced and mastered in order for it to be a helpful tool. 

While grounding may sound like more new age hoo ha, get over it and remember why we have these tools in the first place:  Awareness is the only way out of chaos!  If we have awareness of self, we don't get stuck, don't get sick, and know how to be the master in our life.  If we have these keys, we not only thrive but also model for those around us how they can too!  

A couple of things to do everyday:

~ breathe deep, open, pit-of-your-belly breaths!
~ feel your feet, bring yourself fully into your body and learn to make friends with it
~ cultivate peace ... find something that brings you quiet and you'll start to 
               feel how nurturing it is
~ stay out of your head ... your brain was designed to keep your physical body alive, 
               not to run the show!
~ feel, don't think 
~ if you find yourself stuck, do something that brings you joy

To be fully present takes some practice.  When you are fully available to others and the universe, you'll discover the most wonderful blessings find you!  People notice you, clients are drawn to you, relationships are easier and you miraculously find yourself happy.  And when you get low, as we all do, you know how to move through it with grace. 

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