Monday, August 13, 2012

Walking the Razor's Edge

I've never fancied myself creative.  In high school I was a theater kid-- go figure, with my drama, it's shocking, I know!-- surrounded by friends who had creative impulses dripping from every pore.  I was a dreamer unable to put into 3d my grandiose ideas, visions and musings.  Alas, I felt muse-less and while far from uninspired, certainly a artistic stump.

When I was invited to participate in RAW Denver, I was given an opportunity to not only share my work with many, but also to see myself in a new way... as an artist!

Artists must walk the razors edge... unaffected by observations and criticism to deliver to the world something fearless and bold, something that moves people to feel something bigger than themselves.  The true artist moves into a place of unnamed creation to share a unique self expression birthed from the inner worlds allowing the observer to find within themselves something before unnoticed.  A healing can be given in the most pure of moments that wasn't even being sought.

Well heck, sign me up baby because this is precisely what I do each and every day.  Walking the razors edge, unable to be planned or edited, I move into a space of pure communication with Spirit to bring into this world the healing you most need.  Holy cow, I guess I am an artist.  I'll work on healing my inner 12 year old now and share with you something we can both be very proud of!


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