Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Do you have any openings today?

At least once a week, someone is really quite urgent that they need a session sooner than my schedule allows.  In the past, I have busted my booty to make this happen for ya.  I love you and want you to get what you need.  But even my desire to please and serve is not really supporting you to your own fullest potential.  I'm learning this gradually and was asked to share this.  

I typically book 2-3 weeks out.  Rather than this experiencing this as an irritation, Archangel Michael instead suggests this is optimal, Divine Timing, even.  

If you feel like you need a reading right away, you are likely feeling much pressure and anxiety.  You are ready to let someone else "coach" you through a situation rather than relying on your own intuition, knowing and inner guidance.  It's essentially a way of you giving away your power.  

We can be here on the flip side to reassure, soothe and heal.  But free will and all...  The pressure is merely a symptom, not your truth.

Take the time to find within yourself what you need and really want.  We are all connected to these deep spaces of knowing within.  Your inability to get into a psychic, healer, or life coach right away is likely your Guides desiring to teach you to rely a little more on them directly.  

In the past month, I've had clients:
- laid off the day before our session
- served divorce papers (out of the blue) the weekend before our appointment
- whose friend was in a coma and choosing to pass as we spoke.  

None of these loves booked at the last minute, but rather, weeks in advance.  Their Angels and Guides had lead them to schedule as a place of solace and comfort in anticipation of what was to come.  And they were so much stronger having walked through the rough patches on their own... knowing they were quietly being held the whole time.  

For me, even telling you to wait, can feel like I'm letting you down.   But I try and remember this is not my plan, not your plan, and that we are being cradled and tended by the Divine.  And of that Divine Order, I am merely a messenger.  

If there is truly an immediate need, Spirit will find a way via a cancellation or another sign just for you.  Rest assured, beloved, they are there and in devotion!

I look forward to serving however and whenever is of highest service for your Soul.  

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