Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Living by the Moon

I've been paying attention to the moon more.  

Noting carefully the nights of the new and full. Researching, studying and meditating with each so I may begin to feel the cycles within my body. This simple awareness has enlivened in me ancient feelings, stirrings and connections I have long craved but have gone unnamed.

I've become protective of my time in ritual, scheduling social activities around it and guarding fiercely my need to be with the Mother Moon.

On full moons, I prepare a jug of water which I will imbibe throughout the month. I clear my crystals, pray over the water and give thanks for the blessings as I am called.

On the new moon, I cry and bathe myself. Releasing any distress from the cycle and create what it is I desire to manifest in the coming month.

Simple, quiet and deeply personal, I am so in love with our dances together.  Finding this rhythm has put me in communion with the Feminine Divine, feeling her express and breathe through me.  I am home again.  

We have opened our healing circle so that we many be in service to others, as we have been asked by Spirit. Monthly we invite beloveds into our sacred space and bring through the healing we are lead. Each cycle is different and preparation distinct. Crystals, music, singing bowls and the circle are all prepped overnight and blessed by the grace of each full moon.

We never quite know what we are walking into, what has been created, and what will transpire. I find myself in trance most of the session and can scarcely remember what it was that occurred.

I do know lives are blessed and changed. This time in ceremony is so ancient, so honored, it is far beyond my capacity to understand how.

Dance with us again, dear heart, whether in private consecration or amongst the beauty of those who can see you, we all are sharing the moon times together wherever we may be.  

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