Thursday, January 9, 2014

Quantifying the Ineffable :: Finding Proof of Energetic Healing

Often when we receive healing, we have been trained to look for results... does the cough subside?  does the infection dissipate?  do the tests show us the that the mass has lessened?  Our need for proof somehow justifies that we do indeed feel better.

In energy healing, little physical proof exists.  We don't run diagnostics nor do we have nifty gadgets that show us what has shifted.  Granted, we unquestionably feel better.  We feel lighter, happier and even more enthusiastic about the world around us.  This is such a blessing... yet the nagging need for proof may still be an echo in our heads. 

I too struggle with this "little" voice and am thrilled to share some evidence that legitimizes my own healing experiences!  

So, blessed light, I offer this not as proof, but simply an anecdote to how living in the sacred--  while living in this reality-- can play itself out.  

I'm returning from sacred travels in Ireland and the UK.  The expanse of the gifts I received is as of yet unquantifiable, but I can feel a profound shift in my being.


Though I feel different, it can be hard for my brain to wrap itself around just what has changed.  Most of the time, I dismiss this need for proof my brain insists upon, but I am fortunate enough to be able to offer a wee bit of evidence to satisfy my mind.

The healing I received was largely in light language and felt ancient.  An activation went through my hands, restoring healing gifts from ancient civilizations and enhancing my ability to help the clients who I am blessed to work with.  My hands felt electrified and have felt delicate since, as if I need to be cautious and powerful at the same time.


I noticed a bruise on my hands and was perplexed as I have no memory of  hurting myself, yet there it is.... It was only 3 days later that I connected the dots that this bruise must be a result of the activations I received on my hands.

A visit to my chiro after my journey also offered some unique perspectives.  I didn't share much with him, curious instead to learn the story my spine and body might be offering.  We've worked together weekly for 6 months and I've experienced powerful shifts in that time. 

In his "assessment" he reported that there was more light in my body, my body was better able to hold the adjustments, and some of the former congestion and stuck-ness he had encountered remedied itself faster and with less resistance.

The gift of the ineffable is certainly enough for me.  But for my brain, which sometimes drones on with her doubt and dismissal, I can happily tell her to back off and instead engage in absorbing the full healing we have been given.

Quantum physics will continue to show us proof of these miracles, as has the work of Emoto and other vibrational energy pioneers.  But let your heart be your only proof needed.  As we trust our own experiences over the dictates of this brain, we can shift the reality around us.  

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