Thursday, January 9, 2014

Woo Woo Word of the Moment :: Light Language

I have been speaking and using my Light Language for almost 3 years.  It pours like poetry from my mouth, projecting from throat, heart and solar plexus chakras all at the same time.  When this flows, I can see the vibrations coalesce and feel the density of matter shift.  Pretty damn cool!

Magdalene Codes by Melissa Shemanna

Its incredible and beautiful and something altogether outside of me.  And in fact, very little is known about it, yet Light Language is beginning to appear everywhere!  It's called Angel Language, the Language of Light, or any other moniker you wanna toss on it.  It is an ancient language, spoken by many, that contains activations, packets of information and healing, that re-awaken forgotten memories and restore global frequencies.


Shamans and sages throughout the ages have used Light Languages to bless and heal their people.  The languages vary greatly sounding different and containing unique pauses, clicks and combinations of sounds.  From one region to the next and one healer to another, I've never heard two that sound the same. 

No one quite knows how to explain how and where this language comes from, but for me, it feels like something that was waiting within me my whole life.  When spoken, energy shifts, pain lessens, and the light in the room grows brighter.  I can feel it, even though I am unable to transcribe what is being said.  The lack of meaning makes it more powerful, surpassing thought and form to deliver pure messages and intent. 
When using Light Language, I am able to accomplish healing and release energy beyond this space and time.  Nothing I've encountered is more beneficial and immediate in its relief offered.   

Take a listen and see what it shifts in you.  

As the energy on the planet continues to expand, more spontaneous healing and reclamation of past life memories is occurring.  I see the Light Languages and activations being a crucial component of this shift.  If we can walk through this doorway with curiosity, rather than fear, to see what gifts these experiences bring, we are much more ready to embrace the shifting of consciousness that is already happening.   

And, if you find yourself on my healing table, you can expect to hear my own Light Language flow through the room to enhance your session!  The Languages of Light are the highest vibration of sound healing possible for it contains the packets of light most beneficial in synchronizing soul and body. 

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