Sunday, March 30, 2014

Cosmic Imprints :: The Indigos, Crystals, and Generations of Tomorrow

For several years, the hubby and I ran a Psychic Kids Support Group hoping to support the remarkable souls arriving and to assist their families in understanding and even embracing their gifts. This is still a passion and a service I am frequently called to assist in.

I share it here as a resource for curious souls...

The Indigo's warrior spirit broke down the 
corrupt systems which didn't work anymore.
The Crystals literally laid out the energetic grid for the New Earth,
while the Rainbows will remind us how to 
stand in our own authentic Light and SHINE.
Once each mission is complete, they are being asked to transmute into the Lighter generation.
While both generations--younger & older--are transmuting and becoming multi-dimensional beings.


Much has been written of the Indigo Children… both their abundant gifts and their herculean challenges. These children are now adults and are struggling in a world that no longer needs their intense driving force.

The Indigos blazed into our world full steam ahead insisting upon change and driving with an unmatched zeal to challenge the dictates of society. This “army” of youth was formidable, glorious and successful in ushering in a new way. Their soul mission, as a generation, was for the good of mankind: to eradicate the old systems, to show new ways, and to insist upon change. They gave their all with unwavering passion.

Because of their selfless drive, school systems have changed, parenting has changed and what was once taboo is now being addressed and even embraced. The Crystal and Rainbow children being born now are able to thrive wholly due to the benevolent efforts of the Indigos.

The tides have indeed changed and the driving force which propelled the Indigo’s single-minded focus has begun to wear down their stamina. Many are withdrawing, becoming depressed, and some extreme cases are even suicidal as they remain in a world where their main mission is no longer necessary. What was once a required energy—to push and challenge—has instead turned inward and begun to wear heavy upon these resilient and gracious souls.

Their original intention was to change society, to make the world a more energetically suitable place for spiritual development to blossom. The next phase of the Indigos is little known but desperately needed now: to change their aim and settle into a more Crystalline energy so their passion can fuel the New Earth. A change of focus is now required so these glorious souls don’t self destruct.



The Crystalline energy present is gentle, loving, wise and serene. Even being in their presence one can feel a sense of peaceful sacredness. The Crystals are often the Millennials, ready to change the world with their idealism and belief in a better planet. Their drive is not the "tear it down" mentality of the Indigo, rather their gentleness chooses instead to navigate away from confrontation and find their own way to offer change. They will change the planet with thier ideas, use o technology and creating sustainable systems that protect the environment.

The Indigos challenged the world to create a safe place for the Crystals, and Rainbows to thrive.

Having completed their mission, the Indigos are left with an excess of energy which doesn’t have a proper outlet. Anger, rage, frustration and even complete apathy are frequent. Careful attention to this fact and a re-direction of focus can be enough to manage the intensity of emotions the Indigos carry. Many however are without resources to know how to transform.

What is required now is a metamorphosis. The Indigos, Crystals and Rainbows are indeed of the same cosmic blueprint: They are reflections of one another --at different developmental stages-- and all have the same soul purpose. The Divine Plan was to have the Indigos shift into the Crystal energy so the combined energies can anchor in the New Earth. Similarly, it is the destiny of all Crystals to become Rainbows. The Rainbows will then walk in our New World showing us how to open our hearts and embrace our own Divinity by living as Masters in harmony with Oneness!

As this Indigo to Crystal transition struggled to occur, a baby boom of Crystals began coming through. These souls are indeed reaching out and preparing the Indigos and wider population for the changes of the planet. Their loving serenity will carry us all through any bumps in the road we may face.

The Crystals are able to tap into Indigo energy as needed to insist upon their aims being fulfilled. Likewise, the Indigos have the same inherent ability to utilize the sublime and grounding Crystalline powers. The Crystals will have an easier time, in their trusting and gentle ways, to shift to Rainbow energy when required. As we will continue to see more Rainbows enter, these kids will combine the best of both their predecessors to show us how to live in a new reality.

With attuned therapists, and aware parents and mentors, the Indigos are able to make these energetic shifts on their own. It is paramount now a new course is laid out for them so they can channel their powerful energies in continuing to lovingly aid the planet.

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