Sunday, March 30, 2014

the Fire Dragon Soul Group :: the babes of 1976

In the past 10 days, I've had 8 Fire Dragons come in.  Here's a shout out to this brave group and some guidance for optimal navigation. 

But first some background....

Waaaay before we show up on the planet, 
we choose the Soul Group and astrological entry that suits us best.

We may wait for family members to be ready, wait for our nation to "shape up" or may even wait for exactly the right astrology line-up to serve us best for the highest success of the life plan we have to complete. 


1976, the year of America's Bicentennial, a group of souls plan in droves to incarnate as the most illustrious Fire Dragon...

Chinese astrology holds that each year is governed by a different power animal (earthly influence) and dominant element (heavenly influence.)  As 2014 is the year of the Wood Horse (great change, driving force of truth, a need to create a sustainable structure that supports), 
1976 was the year of the Fire Dragon.  

We came in with clear purpose and the power to back up any actions asked of us.  Unlike the Indigos of the previous generation, we chose the Crystal imprint of love and unity with all life.  

Much like the Phoenix, the Fire Dragon isn't fearful of change, in fact we cheer it on, recognizing what we can rebuild is better than that which is falling.  

"In reality, he is an open and humane person given to impartiality and uncovering the truth at all costs. His criticisms are objective and he has the power to arouse the masses with his vibrant personality. A natural empire builder, he will look toward the supreme order of things, with himself at the helm, of course."

Being of the Crystal energy, our drive is a gentle force which creates serenity where there was once chaos.  We have arrived here to assist in the shifts on Earth and to offer strength, support and hope while rebuilding.

If we are denying our innate gifts (our charisma, psychic abilities and ability to influence great change), this is where things can get tricky.  


We must own our power and wield it with love and compassion.  

Ego is our default and we must be conscious to rise above self gratification and indulgence.

Short tempered and critical, we must find ways to cultivate inner peace and go easy on those we love. 

If the psychic connection is strong, learn how to use these abilities to assist and even heal our communities.

Given the drive for virtue, we must be aware of what we are working toward and dedicate ourselves fearlessly to this path.  Choose your allies carefully!

Here's a great resource I found as well explaining in detail the Fire Dragon energy. 

If you are fortunate enough to carry this imprint, great luck and financial success are yours.  Be in your integrity, follow your path and shine your light so others are comforted by that which comes so easily to us.

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