Friday, May 11, 2012

Goddess Guidance

The resurgence in the Feminine Divine is no coincidence  With the turmoil in the world today, we need a benevolent Mother to bring peace to our planet. She is re-emerging to help us transition from a heavy and dense world into a world of renewed hope, creativity, and compassion for all living beings.

It was Her gentle ways that were in place long before the patriarchy came
into power.  A balance between the divine feminine and sacred masculine is sorely needed to restore balance to our world and to ourselves.
  Cultivating traits from each aspect encourages us to become whole, balanced and integrated.

 Reawaken your Goddess connection!  Intuitive sessions with the Goddess allows you to reclaim your own majesty and to live a life of more joy, vitality, and passion.  Within each of us resides a divine god and a divine goddess -- although some of us may have forgotten our own power and divinity.

Guidance from the Goddesses:  

~ reminds you of your radiance;
~ restores your power, vitality, and passion;
~ reconnects you to your heart’s desire -- your true reason for living;
~ polishes the brilliance you have worked so hard to share with the world; 
 ~ is a confidential and unique conversation with the Divine … ask questions and gain
 ~ clarity while amplifying your natural essence

Get to know the various faces of the Great Goddess:
From Kwan Yin and Isis to Ix Chel and Mother Mary --
Meet the Goddess who holds a message specifically for you.

I create a a channel of communication and invites in the Goddess who offers to work intimately with you.  During session we create the doorway so you can connect to Her anytime.  Each session is unique and alive with the spirit of the Goddess! The Goddess' influence can be felt in your daily life by bringing you a deep sense of connection and unconditional love.  You will be renewed and empowered to live your best life.

Healing sessions can rekindle your relationship to the Great Mother and
allow a new path of inspiration and guidance in your spiritual practice.  The Goddess' healing energy is so refreshing ... it can feel like a warm bath: Soothing, comforting, and life affirming!

This healing is not just for women.  In fact, men can greatly benefit from
bringing the Great Mother back into their lives.

Step into this dance and remind yourself of the love and passion that awaits
you in your heart.

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