Thursday, February 2, 2012

Co-Creation Rocks but what about the flip Side??

You have undoubtedly heard about the mad manifesting powers we possess.  If not, simply read the Abraham channelings or even those of the Hathors to be reminded how very powerful you are.

But my darlin sweet beloved being of light... did you know just as you can co-create, you can also un-create?!?  We must be able to stop the endless cycles and karma of which we often feel helpless.  Just un-create it!  Speak it, breathe it, uncreate it!  Sounds easy because it is.... and its becoming an essential practice as we continue to accept and exercise our innate divine abilities.

Next time you bump into yourself, or a limitation you think you have, practice un-creating it so you can free yourself forever.  Just as we command energy (lovingly and in the spirit of harmony with the natural world) we can also choose those elements that persistently keep us stuck and command them to be released.

This is truly the most loving act you can do for yourself.  I try to practice this whenever it comes up, not just in moments of trauma or panic (ie, the car incident mentioned in the video) but also when I encounter my own old patterns and less flattering traits.  This month I am focusing on un-creating my immaturity and defensiveness.  Whoa!  For a crab (that's Cancer for you non-astrological beings) to move into a non-defensive stance, seems like a miracle.  ...But one I am ready and willing to embrace.  I choose to get out my own damn way and create something better in the spirit of LOVE!

Being defensive keeps me stuck in a lower vibrating place.  And we can't have that!  I do not choose to have defensiveness in my reality!!  What might you choose to un-create??


  1. Yes, yes yes! Brilliant video and post. Totally true! I "uncreated" a problem for myself just yesterday. Thanks for the great insights...and PS: You are looking gorgeous.

  2. I came on your blog and I know it's no accident. Thank you for the kind and very well received, deserved advice. Thank you for taking the time to love so much you'd be willing to share such knowledge with us...bless you...another defensive Cancer trying to "CLAW" her way around. :)