Friday, January 27, 2012

Why the heck you may want, really want, to have a Psychic Reading

I try my best to bring people to my work slowly.  I let people get to know me, then share what I do.  This works better ... and doesn't scare anyone off.   Not everyone digs psychics as much as I do.  Sometimes clients seek me out while other times I'm simply a novelty... a new thing to try at a party or event.

Regardless, I know if you're showing up there is a reason as directed by your own Angels & Spirit Guides.  And I am so delighted to be the one who gets to "play" in your reality with you.

If you're on the fence still, allow me to share some of the reasons people may seek me out and just what I can do to help.  I'm busy for a reason, darlin'!  I'm damn good at my work and love to be in service. 

I help you do "you" better... everytime and every way.  This is my commitment and I have a contract with God so you know you can expect the best!  There is rarely anything a psychic will share that is completely new to you.  In almost every case, I'm telling you things you know deep down and just need someone -- outside of you-- to validate.

Some people may steer clear of a psychic because they don't want bad news.    If I tell you anything "bad" I will also tell you why it's the best thing to every happen to you!  Not once has something so awful come up that took a client by surprise.  It isn't the way Spirit works or the way I work. 

With the "contract," I don't get to lie or hold back.  This is straight from God/Source/Goddess to you!  And as such, you get the purest and most unedited information available.  We are here to inspire your best and help you live immaculately!

If your heart has called you here, there's a reason... trust in this and life will flow beautifully.

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  1. As always, great points! I have a lot of friends who fall in the "don't want bad news" department, and now I have some good things to tell them!!