Thursday, March 5, 2015

an Invitation to remember your Magic

We are all feeling rattled; uncertain of the days ahead and unable to find stability in the rapid fluctuations of our present reality.

Most mornings I wake, spend time at my altar in prayers and meditation, before I even get dressed. When I sat down today, it felt forgotten and dusty. I hadn't been here in 13 days...I swear it was only just last week that I fell off the wagon... disconnected from this daily refuge. And yet, my world had gotten so busy (a sick kiddo, snowstorms, 2 trips to prepare, family visiting). Where did that time go?

I was gently reminded that They are always here; patiently holding for us this connection to the divine even when we stray, sway and fumble. I cried as I felt them, holding and ever loving with no judgment. I wasn't being scolded, I was just lonely for them and aggravated by my human-ness.

In our reality there are any number of distractions, both pertinent and inconsequential. It is so easy for us to stray from our spiritual path.

I was encouraged that when we do make this effort, a commitment, a devotion to honoring this space, we feel better. Spirit space, shamanic journeying, even prayer... when we create and carve out this sacred time, They hold us in unconditional love no matter how many shifts the Earth tosses at us.

In these times of great cosmic activations, the transformation of mankind and a re-calibration of our societal structures, it is these ancient practices that remind us nature is always constant. It still takes 9 months to create a baby, the sun rises and falls every 24 hours, the moon above us waxes and wanes at exactly the same pace as it did for our wisest ancestors. It is in this certainty of a natural Universe, this ever loving presence that we can re-find ourselves.

We invite you back into the timeless whole. The places where you can restore and rely on the magic of the universe. The spaces where you are a pure being of Light revealing itself to itself. We welcome you. We see you and only desire to offer the ways to remind you with every breathe, every blink, every moment how very loved and cherished by this Universe that you are.

Shamanism: Your Keys to Truth and Transformation begins March 9th. A 3 week online intensive to reconnect and restore you to the wisdom within.  

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