Thursday, April 21, 2016

Full Moon in Scorpio : The White Flames of Purification

We’re now finding ourselves in the eye of the storm. Such is the flux around us; scarcely can we see next steps, much less feel affirmed in our direction. While it seems we’re surrounded by a swirling unknown, it’s actually unsettled clarity thundering in. The white noise is the sound of our faith not yet quieted.

As I sit in my own muck and mire, desiring to be present as the storm heaves, I’m brought the vision of Sekhmet, Egyptian lion-headed goddess of all that’s holy. In her pure white form, she’s the light that casts no shadow, and it’s her whom I invoke for safe passage.

Our soul’s purity is being polished to reveal our diamond heart. Our only option is to surrender, to not be consumed nor destroyed by the fire. Learn to contain the fires of transformation and invite it into the spaces to which you’re ignorant within yourself. Stand and allow yourself to be purified, liquefied, and reborn.

The sun is making its way from fiery Aries into grounded Taurus, acting as the young, impetuous, raging bull not yet comforted. Add to that Mars Retrograde (yawn, it must be time for another nap) and a Full Moon in Scorpio. This cosmic stew leaves us feeling like there's nowhere to hide.

The best way to ride the waves of Scorpio's tumultuous waters is with faith. Knowing there’s a deep driving force of perfect purpose which we cannot yet comprehend.

Purification rituals of any sort will also be supported. Release what no longer serves you, fess up in the places you've been less-than-honorable, and be a pure light of your own truth. Anything clouding that truth and shading your integrity will certainly be triggered. Embrace it, honor it, and thank if for bringing you into greater alignment.

Burn a white candle, take a spiritual bath, smudge your space, stand under that bawdy moon, and thank her for illuminating every dark crevice in your being. This will certainly not be a moon to forget!

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