Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Renewing Joy to Uncover our Soul Mission, the blessing of Venus Retrograde

The Soul Mission sessions came in from the Goddess Sheshat as a beacon of light on our soul's journey. Since 2010, I have been working in partnership with her to assist many in walking thier highest purpose. With the shake up of this summer's Venus Retrograde, Sheshat offers renewed guidance and direction which can illuminate our path. 

The Venus retrograde is forcing all of us to stop the forward action of our desires. In our drive to achieve and embrace our dreams, the retrograde delivers not merely a pause in our visions but a backward force. We must re-dream our dreams to see if they still serve our soul's path. This has been a tumultuous time for many, for not only must we re-examine, but in some cases rebuild!, our future completely.

Relationships have been much of the focus, but of even greater import is the relationship with ourselves.

How well are we serving the truth of this heart? 

Are we in honor of the path of this soul?

The Soul Mission sessions with Sheshat are sensitive to this. They not only hold the dream of us in this life but also, in the expanse of the soul's journey though many lifetimes, they give us a broader picture of how to manifest the fullness of our light. More than career and relationship focus, the Soul Mission seeks to help us grasp the enormity of our power and gives us the vision to walk it in this current incarnation.

We have grown up in a society which directs down certain paths. Some have rebelled while many have conformed. Is your life what you want it to be?

When it is against the grain to "do what you want," this Venus retrograde appears as a perfect window to rebel in style. Thwart the system, screw the man, do what the hell you want are some of the rallying cries of this astrological blessing.

In my article the Myth of Normal, I share how we have been raised on a false premise...if we follow a conventional path, contentment and success is the result.  That belief which we have been fed is a myth!  It is in embracing our joy full throttle that we can uncover our purpose. The radiant Danielle LaPorte has been echoing the same though her work with the Desire Map. Find your joy and your path will appear!
The devastation for some may come in not knowing what they are passionate about. Can you in your heart of hearts reclaim your joy? Do you know the secret key to unlock your vital soul?
Passion is our purpose. To be in centered awareness with this throbbing source of truth within is the driving force of this retrograde.

Where many may falter is in having the courage to face and walk the path Venus sets before us. In making the changes she reveals, we are all but guaranteed a life that is on track with our destiny.

Like the green bud of spring, all life is fresh and new around us now. Keep reclaiming the joy, follow the bliss and we are assured an alignment with our soul that will fulfill us emotionally, financially, physically and spiritually. If we ignore the bud, it is sure to wilt, returning us to our mundane and unsatisfied reality. 

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